Friday, October 15


Amsterdam is full of cats. They wander the street and almost every establishment seems to have one lying around. Apparently they are for the mice; or rather, to catch and eat the mice that run rampant in the old Amsterdam buildings. We didn't see any mice but I managed to snap a few photos of the cats.

This one was asleep on this bear every time we walked by this window on Saturday. When we walked past the window Sunday morning the cat had been joined by another cat. Lovebirds?
We spotted this marmalade cat within the first ten minutes of arriving in Amsterdam. He was trying to climb in an open window. Cat burglar or just a cat returning home?
This beauty (who looks a lot like my cat at home) is named Poncho.
Luckily, Poncho lives in a bar not a coffee shop. All the coffee shop cats looked stoned out of their minds (DON'T GET YOUR PETS HIGH! It's cruel and they are wired differently. It's like getting a baby high--they don't have a choice in the matter). Poncho just tries to steal Bullet (like Redbull).
This is Poncho's person. The owner of the bar, he was very nice and drew us a map to important places like the Van Gough Museum and the Sex Museum. He also explained what space cakes are (cupcakes with marijuana inside). Only in Amsterdam.

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  1. woah poncho's person sounds a bit loopy, but fun! glad you had a great time in Amsterdam


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