Friday, August 13

Friday the Thirteenth

August 13: Friday the Thirteenth
August 13: Friday the Thirteenth
August 13: Friday the Thirteenth
Outfit One: Worn in the early days of May when it was 60 degrees. I miss those days!
Outfit Two: Worn a few weeks ago when it was 95 degrees. I enjoy these days only when I'm poolside!
August 13: Friday the Thirteenth
I like outfit one better but I love the necklace in outfit two. I saw this bow pin at a thrift store and couldn't resist! How darling :).
Life is really good right now! I received my housing information for London and I'm living a few blocks down from Hyde Park! I know where I'll be spending afternoons. I've mapped out my walk from the tube station to my flat and I walk past the Natural History Museum and the Albert and Victoria Museum. I'll be so tempted to peek in! I think I'll drop off my luggage, check in, and then (depending on the weather) either check out the Dinosaur exhibit or Hyde Park. I'm so SO excited. Everything is coming together so nicely!

P.S. My hair was so long! I think I'm going to trim a few inches before I head over and then grow it until I get back.

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  1. All your talk about London is making me so England-sick. I miss it like crazy! Have an absolute blast and cherish the time you have there! I can't wait to read all about your London adventures. :)


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