Wednesday, August 25

countdown: one week or seven days

Which do you think sounds longer?

I'd like to have more time stateside. I've worked non-stop all summer, which has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. On the bright side I've had zero time to slow down and over-analyze myself. This means I haven't stressed about the upcoming London trip; well, not that much. On the downside I haven't spent nearly as much time with Boyfriend as I wanted to. I don't feel like I'm ready to leave him because I haven't seen him enough this summer. Damn you, combined-100-hours-of-work-a-week!

I do think I'm leaning toward looking at all this working as a positive thing! Not only do I have some money saved up for London but I also had enough money to buy a new lens for Frank (it arrived yesterday and I will be playing with it soon). More importantly, I haven't had much time to be still and think. This is bad sometimes but good for me right now. Lately, I've found that when I have trouble falling a sleep my thoughts are very negative. I get all panic-y about not seeing Boyfriend, not being able to make friends, losing contact with everyone back here, and generally failing at life while abroad. The good news is that between working full time and getting ready for London I've been pushing myself toward exhaustion. I tend to fall asleep minutes after my head hits the pillow. In fact, I'm so exhausted that I'm reliant on free Redbull shots and coffee to get through the day. This is a horrible dependency and one I will be weaning myself off of when I arrive in London.

For now though, I'm enjoying being a zombie slave during the day and a sleeping princess at night. The countdown continues, I just don't plan on paying any attention to it!

Zombie slave: (n) a worker who functions on zero energy and with little enthusiasm. Gets shit done.


  1. haha I totally get the "failing at life" fear. I'm trying not to overthink studying abroad, but unfortunately I have TOO much time on my hands. Trying to wrap my brain around addictive TV shows and melodramatic YA fiction to quell the worrying and distract me

  2. I just happened across your blog and wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading it. Helped me pass some boring time at work as well so thank you!

    You should start posting again...




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