Thursday, July 15

this skirt is from hechts, back when there was a hechts. yeah.

Hey there, yet another lovely outfit post taken from a university mac.
I didn't actually like the outfit that much but individually the pieces are lovely.
Exhibit A: A very sweet, pale blouse.

Exhibit B: A fantastic, pink, glitter skirt.

Nom. Nom.

My new hair makes me feel like a spy. Since I don't own a mac I thought I'd play around with the effects in photo booth.
Also, I had to wait like 20 min for some dude to leave so I could stand up and take pictures of my skirt.

I'm interspersing outfit posts from pre-hair cut (taken with real cameras) with outfit posts taken with photo booth. I also have some photos I want to share.

Laterz, mates.

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