Saturday, July 10

Inspiration: Anastasia

Yesterday, while waiting for Boyfriend to get off work, I went to Netflix to see what was available to watch immediatly. What should pop up on the home page? Disney's Anastasia. I love, love this movie and had to watch it! It wasn't until about a third of the way through that I realized there is some style inspiration to be found in the movie! Also, Anastasia is way darker than I remember.

Giant blue hairbow that matches the lovely, modest dress.

The perfect ankle boots!

I can't decide if I like Anastasia's pajamas more or the outfits she wears when she's under Rasputin's dream-trance.

Ah yes, a splendid example of Granny fashion!


They're in Paris! How can they be anything but fabulous!

I'll leave you with this cuteness:

& my favorite quote:
come my minions,
rise for your master


  1. I was in LOVE with this movie growing up. I tried to make my Junior Prom dress look JUST like her navy blue one she wears to the ballet... *sigggh* Oh and I remember thinking that Demetrius was the hottest cartoon character I had ever seen.

  2. It's FOX, NOT disney.


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