Wednesday, June 2

Flowers in the Garden

May 30: Flowers in the Garden
May 30: Flowers in the Garden
May 30: Flowers in the Garden
This week I'm going to be uploading the outfit photos I wore for my four days of birthday celebrations! You can see the yellow dress I wore Saturday in the birthday scrapbook. Unfortunately I didn't get a really good photo; I may try and get another photo taken later for you all!
I wore this dress on Sunday to visit my Grandmother and then to eat dinner and cake with my parents. The petticoat and necklace (better photo to come) were gifts from my dear friend Katie! She made the necklace! I had so much fun twirling around in the petticoat; although, I did discover that sitting in a petticoat for hours on end can be mighty uncomfortable!

dress: thrifted
petticoat: gift
necklace: gift
shoes: payless


  1. o! what a surprise with the petticoat skirt, awesome :)

  2. You look fantastic in your apple pie dresses :-)


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