Sunday, April 18

sunday secrets

1. I never wanted to go to college.
2. I think YOU stole my new pink lipstick.
3. I don't know when or if I want to get married.
4. I have a terrible fear of failing, so I rarely try.
5. I have a tendency to obsess over the lives of real people (ie not celebrities) I haven't met; then when I meet them it tends to stop.
6. I have made the first move on every boyfriend except Boyfriend.
7. Sometimes I am too scared of zombies under my bed to move.
8. If I'm alone in the room I sleep with the light on (due to the above secret).
9. I still believe in fairies.
10. I want to live on the West Coast but am afraid that because of the relationships I've chosen that I will never be able to.

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