Tuesday, April 27

happy hippie

(forever 21 sunglasses and top; marshall's bell bottoms, thrifted boots)

ph. Boyfriend.

These bellbottoms cost me $7. They are flared and high-waisted. They are, perhaps, the most perfect article of clothing I have bought this past month. This outfit (minus the Brazilian cowboy boots) is my attempt at being a hippie. Actually, it's one of my many attempts at being a hippie. I would have been a good hippie. Want to know why? Of course you do.
1. I love bellbottoms
2. I love flow skirts
3. Bob Marley
4. My favorite band is Jefferson Airplane (and ABBA)
5. My hair is really long
6. Some days I don't shower (yeah, "dirty hippies" is a stereotype but whatever)
7. I love flowers and VW vans
8. Communes are much cooler than college (and way cooler than war)
9. Make love not war/make art not war/peace not war--however you choose to express the sentiment.
10. I could have been best friends with my mom.

This outfit is from way back on April 3. I thought I'd start uploading outfits more regularly because I'm losing followers (sorry you don't want to hear about the stress of finals week, geesh). Also, if you've commented on my blog and I haven't replied it's because for some reason I can't get to your profile/blog! I read and appreciate every comment, thank you :D.


  1. I'm in love with those pants! (although I imagine they would look awful on me).

  2. I so wish that I could pull of bell bottoms. Unfortunately, my bottom is a little larger than I would prefer. But if I could pull it off without looking like a frumpy lady, I totally would! You are too cute, my dear.


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