Monday, March 1

witch baby

(mom's blazer, thrifted maxi dress, hand-me-down boots,
thrifted elephant pin, Kdikio spectacle pin)

I have no idea why this dress appeals to me so much but I love it.
I thrifted it a few weeks ago and wore it almost every day in the safety of my own room. Last Friday, I finally worked up the nerve to wear it out in the world. I got some few odd looks but I felt so awesome all day. So slinky, so fabulous!

The second picture is me pretending to be Martha Graham.
This dress reminds me of those dancing photos.

The woods was very relaxing and I'll upload photos soon.
For now I need to work on my study abroad essay.
Why do I want to go to London?


  1. You know I love a long silhouette :-) That is so lovely and elegant and I love your necklace, too. And going abroad is just awesome. I would give anything to do it again (I did Paris, but I love London, too)!

  2. I could never rock this dress but you did it.
    It looked very modest, mature, and cute.
    I especially enjoy the last two pictures. Very cute.


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