Saturday, March 20

happy first day of spring

(thrifted jacket, dress is from a boutique in New Orleans, unknown leggings,
Kelly and Katie boots, scarf from a market in Paris, jewelery thrifted)

I wore this outfit on one of the first warm days we had. It was a little cool but I was so happy the temperatures were rising that I couldn't wait. I like the dress peeking out from under the jacket. This is one of my favorite dresses and I'm sure it will be featured here often. None of the pictures turned out well but my hair is braided and pinned in the back :). Recently I've been trying to experiment more, especially with braids. You may have noticed--I love braids.

The purple flower ring was found at a thrift store in Norfolk and I've worn it every day ever since. The bottom flower ring was found there as well, I think. It broke almost immediately and I just got around to fixing it. Now I can have double the hippie power. The pin was an impulse buy at a thrift store. I wear it a lot as a necklace but I thought it fit in very nicely in this outfit. The bracelet is a gift from Boyfriend who found it at an antique mall in New England and polished it up for me! I wear it every day. It is so delicate and simple that it goes with everything.


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Thanks kittens!

Sarah Yvonne