Tuesday, February 2

a weekend of fancy dress

cropped cardigan:
DKNY, hand-me-down

dress: H&M
leggings: forever 21
leg warmers: gift
boots: hand-me-down

top dress: forever 21
bottom dress: loehmann's
hat: forever 21
leggings: forever 21
boots: hand-me-downs

I wear those black boots almost every day. They are so comfortable and so versatile.

This weekend, my parents and I drove down to South Carolina for my Nana's 90th birthday; I even skipped four classes! Because the plan for the weekend was non-stop parties I packed three dresses (one for dinner, one for the fancy brunch, and one for church) and had only the jeans and sweater that I wore in the car. However, an ice storm hit S.C. and the plans were rescheduled. Church was canceled and the fancy brunch was moved to the day we left. I was all dressed up with nowhere to go!

I wore the red dress outfit to dinner at the country club and the bottom outfit to help set up for the brunch and explore the woods with my eight-year-old cousin and her friend (I was overdressed). I re-wore the jeans and sweater, combined with one of my father's polos, for the casual family time on Saturday. I wish I had a photo of that outfit because it was so unlike me.

Nothing went as planned this weekend and I think the weekend was better because of that! Woohoo travels.

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