Wednesday, February 3

not your mama's flannel

flannel: thrifted
belt: thrifted
scarf: street vendor in NYC
purse: target
leggings: forever 21
leg warmers: gift
rainboots: urban o

I love this flannel shirt but I never get to wear it in the "real world." Yes, it is my best friend when I'm camping or curled up studying (yes, studying) in my room; but out in the world I never wear it. So today I decided to break that trend. I figured that since it snowed last night it's totally acceptable to wear flannel; if anyone accosted me about it I planned on shouting, "It's winter! It's cold! It's my right to wear flannel to keep me warm!"

Then cross my fingers that no one asked me why I was wearing it with shorts...

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Thanks kittens!

Sarah Yvonne