Friday, February 26

beauty in imperfections

This Monday, I received an email informing me I had won Delightfully-Tacky's giveaway. I was excited to pick a piece of jewelery from Kdikio Vintage. I think I won because I needed something to look forward to this week.
Today my little package arrived! It was wrapped so adorably!

I agonized over choosing just one piece until I saw these little spectacles!
I knew instantly that they had to be mine!

I added them to my pile of necklaces
&& am hoping these 'Wiley Brains' will help me on my math midterm.

Thanks Kristen and Elizabeth!


  1. LOVE the way you put that pin on a necklace! I know those spectacles found a perfect home : ) And just in time for your math midterm... Good luck!

  2. LOVELY!! I want some, congratulations. Enjoy it so much dear!!

  3. Oh they're so adorable! Lucky you:)


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