Sunday, February 7

and everything was backwards

Every once and awhile I read something that makes absolute sense!
Does this ever happen to you? It should.
The other day I was reading Barbro Anderson and she commented on how she loved to wear things backwards.
It may seem obvious to some, but for some reason, until I read Barbro's words it never sounded good to me.

This is how I wore this shirt:

This is normally the front:

I love, LOVE the lace in the front and the higher collar; it feels very Victorian and romantic.
I will definitely be wearing it like this from now on.
The complete outfit:

sunglasses: forever 21, probably
shirt: forever 21
pants: i have no clue, but they are PURPLE
boots: thrifted (suede, totally impractical for a walk in the snow.)

Oh, that's a cigar that I'm holding for Boyfriend while he takes photographs.


  1. your shirt is adorable!

    lovelove, M.

  2. That top is gorgeous!


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