Wednesday, January 6

minne mouse

(shirt: necessary objects; tank: forever 21; skirt & socks: target; leggings: forever 21; boots: hand-me-downs)

There is so much more I meant to do this morning. I was going to do fun make up, brush my hair (yikes it's knotty), put on some cute earrings... but I was late. So, I just went with the outfit. I think with this outfit, simple worked. I felt like Minnie Mouse with the polka dots and red. I am on a mission to collect as many tutu-like skirts as possible && this one has tulle at the bottom so it counts. (If you see any skirts/dresses that remind you of tutus or princesses please let me know!)

I can't believe I move back into the dorms in three days. Oh geez.

Oh, that's Oscar. He is the puppy of Boyfriend's eldest younger sister. He's cute.

&& c-c-collar bones. It's bad, but I totally have an obsession with mine. When I'm nervous I drum on them with my thumb and pointer finger.

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