Wednesday, January 6

it must be meant to be

[photo: asofterworld]

I have been mulling this over for awhile. In fact, at least once a week I moan to Boyfriend about what a "terrible girl I am;" and it's true.

Here is my list of why I am a terrible girl:
1. My nail polish is always chipped (but I never remove it).
2. Since I've had my bangs (around five months) I've plucked my eyebrows once.
3. I hate to shave, I don't think that's unusual, but sometimes I don't for like months. I'm kinda ok with that because it cuts my shower time in half.
4. I am terrible at doing make up (eyeliner and mascara and only some days).
5. I do not know how to put lipstick on. :-(
6. Until recently I wore jeans and a tee every day (a continuation of my tomboy childhood).

The thing is, I am a girl. I have all the necessary parts to be labeled sex: female. I do not feel like there a boy trapped in a girls body. I am a girl.

I am a girl who loves dresses,
and jeans, and t-shirts.
I am a girl who paints her nails bright red (or black)
and then lets them chip away for months.
I am a girl who loves to shop in the morning
and hike in the afternoon.
I am a girl who takes photos (of everything)
and writes poetry.
I am a girl with a horrible swearing habit
and a tendency to fall down.

I am a girl.
I am this kind of girl;
not that kind of girl.
I am my kind of girl.

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