Thursday, January 28

i am not a teenage fairy

When I was a teenager I read all the time, all the time. Some of my favorite books were by Francesca Lia Block. I recommend them all; especially the Weetzie Bat series. Block continued Weetzie's story in A Necklace of Kisses, which picks up almost a decade later. In the very beginning, Weetzie is leaving her husband (long story) and Block writes the most beautiful description of what Weetzie packed.

"Then, carefully, thoughtfully, one by one, Weetzie took out of her closet:
a lime green, pink, and orange kimono-print string bikini she had made herself;
two fresh, unopened packs of men's extra-small white tank tops from the surplus store;
new-fallen-snowy-white Levis' 501 jeans;
men's black silk gabardine trousers from the Salvation Army, tailored to fit;
a pair of orange suede old-school trainers with white stripes;
orange-leather, silver-studded slides;
some bikini underwear and bras in black, white, pink, lime green, and orange;
a pink-and-green Pucci tunic from her best friend Dirk's Grandma Fifi."

I want to be so prepared; looking through my closet there is nothing that really sticks out to me. Through the rest of the book Weetzie (btw, how cool is that name?) puts together multiple, amazing outfits with just these seven items (not counting underwear). I want that skill!

On another, slightly related note, I am heading to the South tomorrow for my Nana's 90th Birthday! It's a multi-day event and I'm excited. I am packing.

- a red corduroy strapless dress
- a gold "cruise ship" jacket
- black boots
- floral flats
- a sheer kimono with purple flowers
- a black lace cropped-sweater
- a sundress with blue-purple flowers
- various underswears, leggings, and tights
- a pair of skinny white jeans
- one purple hound-sooth jacket

Let the party begin!

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