Tuesday, January 19

i am not a stereotype

Whenever I take quizzes which try to place me in a "high school stereotype" I always get frustrated at the limitations. I cannot be put into a box!! I played varsity volleyball and softball, jock. I took honors courses and got decent grades, nerd. I wore a lot of black, goth. I listened to Bob Marley and Incubus, stoner. It can be easier to be in a box because you know how to dress and who to associate with. It is, however, much more fun to be able to take a little bit from each box.

For example, a letter sweater from the jock box and a pair of geek-chic glasses from the nerd box.

Oh, and for ultimate awesomeness (and to confuse all stereotypes) combine the above with the world's ugliest shoes and hot pink socks with hearts.

I love my wardrobe.

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