Monday, January 18

black lace//red skin

(dress: gift, old navy; belt: thrifted; leggings: err; lace tights: urban o. boots: katie's)

Boohiss on the inside location. It was rainy and dark by the time I got dressed. I spent most of Sunday inside watching TV and catching up on sleep. That evening Boyfriend and I went out to dinner with his roommate and girlfriend. Outback && Avatar (finally)! I LOVED Avatar, it makes me want to go live in the woods and commune with nature. Oh, and I need a tail!

I love sweater dresses but the only one I own (until this) was too tight. I'm going to have to buy a size up so they hang appropriately. I love the cowl neck.
Oh, I had to explain wearing a belt over a dress to everyone tonight. Boyfriend does not understand wearing a belt that "serves no purpose." Um, it gives shape to the dress!! Duh.

I got so many compliments on these tights. The red leggings I borrowed from my freshman year roommate and still had when I moved out. I love layering my lace urban o. tights over colored leggings. Keeps me warm and adds texture.


  1. awwww I love these colors on you. good choice

  2. Ah! I love this outfit on you! boys just don't understand how fun belts are


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