Saturday, December 19

the weather outside is frightful... err, delightful!

We're at a foot of snow and it keeps coming down.

(hat- forever 21; dress- victoria's secret; boots- thrifted)

I don't know why I'm dancing around, probably because snow fills me with GLEE! Possibly because it was freezing outside!

These boots, although the kept my feet toasty, did not protect my ankles. The snow went over my boots and up my calves! Amazing for the Richmond area.

After a three minute photo shoot I decided it was too cold and made a break for indoors, Boyfriend snapped one last shot--I must say that it's my favorite. Yesterday we baked cookies and went to a cookie exchange party (which involved walking in a train through tire tracks in the snow, luckily the party was only down the street) and reading in front of the wood stove. A perfect snow day!


  1. you did pack super Christmas clothes, I especially love this sweater dress!

  2. Love your red sweater dress! It looks perfect with the snow!


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