Monday, December 21

until we meet again

Today, Boyfriend and I went to the most beautiful place on earth. There were huge swatches of land where the snow was untouched and everything was white and crisp and lovely. Running around with my love I felt old-fashioned and wonderful. There was no one but us and there was no noise of traffic or people. I took millions of photos but these are a few of my favorite (my absolute favorite is up in 'photos from wonderland'). I have outfit photos (I bought the most darling little dress on sale) but the sun was in my eyes and I was having a bad face day so I'm debating on whether to post them. The location is so beautiful that I just might have to!
I took an evening train home tonight. I kissed Boyfriend hard and smiled; even though I won't see him for a week (seven days) which is the longest we have ever been apart. I arrived home to my favorite puppy (sorry Victoria and Oscar--Corky holds my heart) and two packages filled with shoes!! I have one day at home and then I set out for South Carolina. This will be a very traveled winter break.

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  1. Where was this magical place! I feel like, even by Sunday, things had been well mucked up or traveled. I love these photos and I envy you had time to take advantage of it. I love DC under snow! Have a nice Holiday!


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