Thursday, December 3

line by line

(shirt & headband: forever 21; skirt: h&m; belt: thrifted; tights: urban o.; shoes: payless)

Just another day of me making horrible faces. Ugh, the quality of photos has gone down because I haven't been using Frank & I've been taking sneaky photos with the flash off. I need to find more hidden locations. This photo was taken in a study room in my library; there was a strange dude studying as I took this photo.
As of now I've been up for 25 hours but I've FINISHED all my papers for this semester; on time I might add :D. All I will be doing this weekend is creating study guides and sleeping. Oh how I long to sleep. Luckily I seem to have caught my second wind in time for my last class of the day.
I love this shirt & skirt. I felt a little Parisian today; in the most obvious, stereotypical way. Unfortunately it poured all day, it seems to do that whenever I wear this skirt.
Time for class && then I'm off to bed to sleep for a million hours, or at least till tomorrow!


  1. Really love your mix of prints! Great outfit. I can't believe you've been up for 25 hours. I've been up for only 9 hours and I'm sooooo ready to just pass out. Hahah!
    Love, selective potential

  2. I love the stripes and stripes!


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