Monday, December 7

"happiness is a choice"

I have some fairly wise friends in my life right now. Yesterday, during a car ride, one of them mentioned that people should choose to be content more. Yes we should, we should be content; but more than that we should be HAPPY! Big smile, laughs that make your abs hurt, hugging your friends, happy!! (and if we're not happy we should make the changes needed to be happy.)
Here's why I'm happy:

1. My polaroid camera takes lovely colored photos.
2. Disney playlist on Pandora, every song elicits and "omg. squee!"
3. This article from Kingdom of Style. I would gladly steal every tutu dress!
4. Leftovers. yummy.
5. Blowing kisses to cute boys cross the library ;) (don't worry, I'm talking about you Boyfriend).
6. No finals on Monday!
7. Getting comments on my posts & new followers :D (nothing makes me smile more!)
8. Oh, only one more week in the semester!!!!
9. Facebook chats with friends in other states (hey there Maryland & Rhode Island)
10. did i mention disney? i just finished (quietly) singing along to Gaston from Beauty and The Beast!!)

Why are you happy?

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