Sunday, November 15


(dress: thrifted; socks & leg warmers: sockdreams; shoes: thrifted)

Did you know that velvet is a weave not a fabric? I did not until my lovely friend Katie told me that my dress can be both polyester (fabric) and velvet (the weave).
I wore this dress and these shoes the evening I thrifted them to a lovely get together thrown by my friend Katie to celebrate her husband's birthday. Fun outfit and a fun evening with awesome new people!


  1. Great dress... I totally love it!
    I only got a feeling there are better tights to combine it with. But everybody can choose his own taste! Maybe I am to old fashion. :D

  2. there definitely are tights that would create a more romantic or old fashioned feeling and i plan to play around more. this outfit was definitely influenced by "look at all my new goodies, i want to wear them all" more than "this is the feeling of the dress". haha

    this dress was such a great find. thank you!


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