Monday, November 23

twirls on twirls

(blouse: hechts; coat: eddie bauer; belt & skirt & shoes: thrifted; tights: macys)

Please excuse the weird faces; I'm operating on very little sleep. I love these tights with the happy flowers! && These boots were 50% off and are so very comfy. This skirt is too big for me but with my new belt I was able to fold it on this sides and belt it high up on my waist. It becomes very cute and twirly when placed there. I like how this outfit look with my outer coat on. All that black with just the bottom twirl of the skirt peering out made me smile when I caught my reflection in the windows.
The belts and shoes are from my thrifting adventure this weekend. I scored like six belts for under $5. Woohoo!! Sorry for the indoor photos but it was gray and rainy out all day today. Tomorrow should be better.

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  1. Adorable tights! I like your little blue belt too.
    P.S. I think all brown with black shoes can work, but a higher contrast in difference is good. Like a warm, caramel-y brown, rather than a very dark brown.


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