Monday, November 16

is there a doctor in the house?

(jacket: thrifted; shirt: Forever 21; dress: thrifted; belt: hand me down; tights: urban o.; socks: sockdreams; boots: ebay)

Why yes there is; Martens, Dr. Martens. These Dr. Martens cost me under $50 on ebay. I bought them for the dress (worn under the black shirt). I had wanted a pair for awhile but when I found this grunge dress on a thrift store rack I knew it would not be complete until it was paired with these rough and tough boots. This outfit has been playing around in my head for awhile and I love how everything comes together. The red socks and the gold belt match the flowers on the dress. The black shirt continues the grunge theme of the dress and boots. Even my (chipped) yellow nails seem to work.
This week is going to be hell week for me so pardon my potentially spacey posting and inevitable lack of outfit posts. Wish me luck!

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