Wednesday, October 14

a weekend well spent

Our vacation started early with a spontaneous decision to drive Richmond (1/2 of the trip) and spend Saturday night there. While packing the car Sunday morning we rescued Boyfriend's crazy black cat from the roof.

We drove the two hours to Virginia Beach and went through the tunnel-you-can't-hold-your-breath-in-because-it's-too-long before meeting Boyfriend's Grandma and Aunt for lunch.

Monday morning we woke up early to watch the sunrise (more photos to come).

& because we are accustomed to lots of sleep we took a six hour nap before waking up to explore the beach/boardwalk that afternoon.

Boyfriend humored me while I spent a good 15 minutes wandering around a Christmas shop (I LOVE CHRISTMAS MORE THAN ANYTHING!) There were so many cool things along the beach and some unexpected treasures in the sand (more to come).

That evening we put on some semi-dressy clothes and went to the hotel restaurant for a lovely date. This is Boyfriend being "serious".

& this is the house he built while we waited for our meal. We're still just pretending to be grown up.

After waking up in time for check-out (huzzah) we headed to the aquarium. We spent 4.5 hours there learning (damn straight) and exploring. We had a lovely lunch by the water (both those sandwiches were Boyfriend's; mine was being devoured as I took this photo).

On our way back up we stopped in Richmond for Pho (om nom delicious) and then rushed back to school to get to work (we work the graveyard shift--I'm sure one day there will be a photo post on this).

This trip was amazing for many reasons. First, it was simply an amazing and fun vacation with my best friend! Second, it was the first "grown-up" trip I have ever been on. Boyfriend and I researched hotels and called ahead to make reservations. We did this without the help of our parents and planned our days for what suited us. I have a lot of trouble identifying as a grown up; I still see myself more as a teenager rather than a young adult. Successfully organizing and taking a vacation helped me believe, just a little, that I am responsible.

Oh, and it was totally romantic!

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