Wednesday, October 7

sick but happy :)

I am stuck at home sick with what looks to be the flu. Since I slept all day I find myself unable to sleep right now. But there are many things to be happy about:

1. Instead of going to class tomorrow I can lie on my hammock and look at the clouds.
2. There are a million episodes of Law & Order SVU online.
3. I have many awesome blogs to read!
4. My amazing Boyfriend is going to visit tomorrow and bring me books to read :)
5. Tea is delicious and soothes my throat.
6. I am no longer suffering body aches (and hopefully they are gone for good).
7. We are going to the beach this weekend!
8. && I get to go to a Renaissance festival Saturday (assuming I'm all better)
9. I'm lucky to go to university so near home so I can come here and have my parents bring me soup all day.
10. I feel better now than I did this morning!

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