Wednesday, October 21

dedicated follower of fashion

A photo an hour is inspired by The Clothes Horse who I recommend you check out. It's perfect for me because A) I get to take photos of things I'm doing, and B) I'm a.d.d. like whoa so I can pick and choose days. Today is a very simple day, an average day. Maybe next time I'll choose a day where I'm adventing. All times are in E.S.T.

11 AM
I start my day with an energy drink because I have been sleep deprived all week and have papers to write.

12 PM
Time to trim my bangs.

1 PM
Working on papers in my thinking cap.

2 PM
My bangs are finally dry; it looks like third time is a charm for trimming them :).

3 PM
Off to meet with my professor, these elevators are so slow!

4 PM
My fall coat finally arrives! I love getting packages!

5 PM
A few polaroids make every day better.

6 PM
Dinner with friends.

7 PM
What I'm wearing:

(shirt: thrifted, skirt: H&M, flower headband: forever 21, shoes: payless--these are my walking shoes, earlier i was wearing ankle boots)

8 PM
Peppermint hot chocolate and homework.

9 PM
A lovely walk back to campus in beautiful weather.

10 PM
Trying to figure out a GIF file.

11 PM
Back to my study guide.

12 AM
Off to work, where I will stay until 2 AM (this is why I'm sleep deprived).

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  1. Just came here by accident. Thanks for your blog. It was like having a chat with a nice and friendly person :-)


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