Thursday, September 17

kiddie play

wearing: thrifted red flower dress, miscellaneous gray tights, thrifted keds, forever 21 bows.
Yes the bottom photo is saturated and contrasted like crazy but i like the effect so, win for me :). Today I have photos I'm genuinely proud of (thanks Boyfriend). Not to mention, I really enjoyed this outfit today. The whole vibe is hugely influenced by the lovely Stylish Wanderer; I want to hate her because she is so young (13!!) and so stylish but she's so sweet I just love her! It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts soon. Peace!


  1. I love that red dress! And it's so cute with with the dark tights. I would never think to do that, but I love it!

  2. Thanks! I was inspired by a photo (which I now wish I'd saved) of a girl rocking a similar dress with electric blue stockings. I have a pair of leggings but they're cropped too short for the look to meld. Tada, trusty gray tights to the rescue! You're a peach!

  3. First post I ever read on your blog- and I think that now you are excited about color you should revisit this dress with crazy blue tights


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