Tuesday, September 29

a cup of coffee for you

Today I have to write two papers & study. Yikes, I know. But there are many things to be happy about!

1. It's international coffee day & I have a cup of mocha.
2. The weather is beautiful, crisp, & fall-like!
3. I had to read the Communist Manifesto (I'm a history nerd/major).
4. I have exciting plans for the next few weekends.
5. My bangs are cooperating today (it's the little things)
6. I have my favorite class tonight.
7. I have a job and a paycheck and a place to sleep.
8. My roommate lets me use her polaroid camera :)
9. All my clothing is clean!!!!
10. I have readers from
30 different countries (my mind is blown!!) && this cup of coffee to the left, and the kiss, are for you wonderful people who make me very happy.

What's making you happy today?!?

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