Sunday, May 24

life is beautiful

I have a tendancy to complain and see only the bad in life. This summer I'm working on changing that. It's too stressful when all you think about are the negatives. It's especially ridiculous for me to focus on them because, in all honesty, my life is great! I'm going to try different techniques for reminding myself how fortunate I am; how happy I should be.
Today's technique is a happy-list:
1. DIY birdhouse project (pictures to come)
2. Being productive.
3. Lovely evenings at home with just myself.
4. Having great friends come to town to celebrate my birthday.
5. One week till my 20th birthday!
6. Sweet texts from Boyfriend even though he's partying with his boys.
7. Beautiful weather.
8. Going to visit my grandmother.
9. Fresh fruit I can eat on my deck.
10. No work tomorrow, instead I'm going to my town's parade!

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