Tuesday, April 21

dorm room pets

Today the balloon that has been in my room for months started to descend. Boyfriend and I decided he makes the perfect dorm room pet (no feedings, no poopings, no smells!)
He curls up nicely at the bottom of the bed.
He likes to peak over my shoulder as I blog/surf the interwebs/write papers (hah)
Sometimes he sinks lowlowlow
Sometimes he makes a last gasp to return to the ceiling-world-from-whense-he-came (aha I love these socks!)

Boyfriend (because he is so cute!) and Smoothie King. My first S.L. since high school.
I love clouds. I also love churches. One day I'll have to do a post of church pics.

Heart cloud; sign?

I've been obsessively reading fashion blogs and I have seen many kick-ass DIY projects. I started one, a shredded shirt, that I first saw on fashiontoast and learned how to do here.
Other ideas that I'll probably start over the summer:
- spine shirt (I do not care that it's from last year)
- a giant plasticish bag with grocery items painted on it, I saw a girl carrying one and I bet I can make my own!
- a skirt! that involves sewing! zomg.

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